What are we doing?

We are sourcing all our blanks (the raw product without any branding) from Stanley Stella. All product blanks are produced under the highest sustainability standards. 99% of their total production comes from Bangladesh – Stanley Stella is very proud of this fact as their involvement in the textile industry there has contributed to the country’s economic upgrade and the social advancement of its workers.
Twenty years ago, Bangladesh was one of the poorest countries in the world, yet today its economy is ranked 41st worldwide, and 20 million people have been lifted out of poverty in two decades. The textile industry is one of the most critical drivers of annual GDP growth and accounts for 80% of the total of Bangladesh exports.

Is this the perfect solution in terms of shipping distance back to Europe, probably not. But we have to pick our battles and for now this was the best solution we were able to find.

After production of the blanks we are doing the plebs specific refinement in Germany. That means, we are receiving label free styles and do the printing, stitching and brand specific refinements (e.g. Labels etc.) in Germany. 

In our point of view, ALL fashion ought to be sustainable. We will do our part to ensure that most of our products meet that requirement. It’s the least we can do for mother earth.  

Stanley Stella only works with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled materials such as recycled polyester and modal.

Bottom line, if you buy Amongst Plebs gear, you are buying 100% sustainable, stylish and high-quality streetwear that will last for a long time.

Now, we can all sleep much better at night.  Thanks for reading this post.

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