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gm plebs,

what the fuck is this brand you might wonder!? Do we need another clothing brand? Probably not. Do we need another Bitcoin merch brand? LOL. 

Do the plebs deserve a dope Bitcoin inspired merch brand? I think we deserve a dedicated clothing brand! Bitcoin only. No shitcoins. Some easter eggs are hidden on some designs: 1)for the FIAT Bros 2) our friends from shitcoinland who still do not get Bitcoin.

Let’s be honest, majority of Bitcoin related merch is hideous. There is more whacky than cool merch floating the web. I mean, check out the shirts below. These shirts look like costumes for adults. Let me know and I will create a whole gallery with ugly ass merch. Nothing is easier than this (besides making fun of shitcoiners).

The plebs idea was born

However, it escalated into a slightly bigger endeavour. The idea was to start with 1-3 designs and see what happens. Well, now we have a full shop with a couple of designs. Some are limited, some will be on offer permanently like our basics (https://amongstplebs.com/basics/).

Why are we doing this? It is our attempt to give our favourite people – THE PLEBS (99.9% of whom we have never met) a brand they definitely don’t need, but that they deserve. A brand that has the potential to become the go-to brand for Bitcoiners. 

Personally, I never found a bitcoin only brand that focused on cool and wearable merchandise. Jack Dorsey (https://twitter.com/jack) posted merchandise from the https://lightning.store a while ago. I love their style. It’s the first creative attempt using some inside stories shared on Bitcoin twitter in a fun way.

However, we were looking for something sustainable, with high quality fabrics, high quality embroidery & prints etc. that we could wear for as many blocks as possible. Hence our journey continued and we ventured out to find high quality blanks and the right partner to print / stitch our artworks onto high-quality blanks from Portugal.

All of the above motivated us (ok, it’s only I, but that doesn’t sound as good) to pursue the amongst plebs idea. We hope you like the vibe, the styles, the designs. Best case we get as many plebs as possible involved in the creation of our gear in the future.

Let’s create a brand for the plebs, by the plebs and spread the Bitcoin gospel one T-Shirt & Hoddie at a time.

Get in touch in case you want to get involved.


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